The theme aptly fits to a “T” the tag line of President Benigno S. Aquino III – “Walang mahirap, kung walang corrupt” that exacts a change in both practices and values towards his battle cry of a “Tuwid na Landas” that must trekked by Filipinos as a nation.

“Buwis Mo para sa Bagong Pilipinas” describes the resolute desire of the BIR to collect the correct amount of taxes sufficient enough to support nation-building. Along with this comes the message that taxpayers must also do their part of paying the correct amount of taxes where every single centavo of the rightful tax due to the government is paid to adequately fund the different public services the administration is envisioning and delivering.

This change of attitude or values in both the tax collector and the taxpayer will ensure solid governance anchored on improved and timely delivery of public goods and services. Thus, a better Philippines – “Bagong Pilipinas!”

The logo captures the above lofty and ideal aspiration of the BIR (BIR logo at the top of the building). The lego blocks represent the taxes correctly paid which are essential building blocks of nation-building – the lifeblood that turns the wheel of Government.

Altogether, the taxes collected sufficient in amount to cover the services of government will ensure a solid and better nation, and thus better life for Filipinos.

To achieve the ideal and lofty aspiration of a “Bagong Pilipinas,” every Filipino, taxpayer or not, must join hands (two hands cuddling the building) to create and ensure a better country not only for the present but also the future generations to come.