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BIR Amends Policy for Tax Practitioners

Quezon City, 17 December, 2010 – The Bureau of Internal Revenue has issued Revenue Regulations (RR) No.14-2010 last December 13, 2010 amending certain provisions of RR Nos. 11-2006 and 4-2010 on the accreditation of Tax Practitioners (TAPs) or Tax Agents to enable them to make better representations for taxpayers and aid the bureau in avoidance of tax cheats.

Under said issuance, changes were made on the qualifications of TAPs, required documents to be submitted for accreditation, positions of BIR officials who compose the Accreditation Board and functions and authority of the Commissioner of Internal Revenue on the accreditation of TAPs.

The new issuance now requires applicants with minimum qualifications of at least 6 hours per year or a total of 18 hrs. for three years of continuing professional education (CPE) in taxation from trainings/seminars conducted by the BIR or private institutions where the training hours earned are printed on the certificates and obtained not more than a year prior to the application and renewal for accreditation.

The BIR also requires individual applicants to submit Certificate of Registration with the Board of Accountancy (BOA) and for lawyers, an Attorney’s Roll Number and Mandatory Continuing Legal Education (MCLE) Compliance Number.

If an applicant is not a Certified Public Accountant, he must submit certified copy of transcript of records with 18 units in accounting or taxation and a written certification of the CPE hours earned.

For renewal of accreditation, additional requirements under Section 7 of this Regulations must be submitted such as PRC ID for CPAs/ Integrated Bar of the Philippines (IBP) ID for lawyers, current Certificate of Registration with the Board of Accountancy (BOA)/IBP, current Professional Tax Receipt (PTR) for individuals or Business Permit/Municipal License for non-individuals issued by the local government where registered, Certificate of Membership in Good Standing with his PICPA Chapter or ACCPA (for CPAs) or IBP (for lawyers), Certificate of Training indicating CPE hours completed, Expired Certificate of Accreditation issued by the BIR, Annual Registration Fee of P500 per year (current year and past 3 years), Alphalist of Taxpayers Audited for the past three years, Sworn Statement and Income Tax Return of the previous two years.

The accreditation of CPE Providers and events are no longer required.

It is also now required that the Accreditation Board make a random review of the financial statements audited by the accredited external auditor.

For an external auditor whose accreditation has been cancelled, he may re-apply for accreditation after 2 years. If his accreditation has been cancelled more than twice, his re-accreditation shall not be granted.

In addition, this regulations designate the Deputy Commissioner from the previous Assistant Commissioner and Assistant Commissioner from then Division Chief to compose the Revenue National Accreditation Board (RNAB). It also designates Division Chief from Assistant Division Chief as part of the Revenue Regional Accreditation Board (RRAB).

RR 14-2010 further provides that any action or decision of the RRAB and RNAB shall be appealable to the Commissioner and any adverse decision of the Commissioner may be appealed to the Secretary of Finance. If the Secretary of Finance fails to rule on the appeal, the decision of the Commissioner remains to be respected.

Furthermore, the RR authorized the Commissioner or his authorized representative to consider as valid documents / attachments to tax returns, and other statements or reports that which is prepared, signed and certified by the duly accredited TAPs.


4 thoughts on “BIR Amends Policy for Tax Practitioners

  1. Is it really a mandatory requirement that you are at least 3years already in the profession? For example, I passed the CPA Board exams on October 2009 and as of date I would like to apply for accreditation and given I have completed all the documentary requirements, would I be allowed to have the accreditation?

    • Hi Marijune, there is no 3 year mandatory requirement that I know of. I confirmed with the RATE office regarding your concern and they told me you can apply for accreditation.

      Should you have any other concerns just post it here. Good day.

  2. Hi! Am I required to obtain 18 CPE units within 3 years if I would like to apply for accreditation for the first time. I passed the board last 2013, and as to date, I don’t have any CPE units acquired yet. Can I be accredited?

  3. Hi,

    The latest ruling states that a non-CPA who met the requirements could apply for Tax Practitioner Accreditation. Moreover, it says that the effect of accreditation includes, transacting on behalf of the tax practitioner, and sign the financial statements. Does it mean, non-CPA with accreditation could sign the financial statements? or it would still require the aid of a CPA to review and certify it?

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