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BIR RDO 72 Links with other government agencies


Bringing the government closer to the people or literally right at their doorsteps is what the CAPIZ ASSOCIATION OF GOVERNMENT PUBLIC INFORMATION OFFICERS, INC. (CAGPIO) aims to achieve.

It is a Non-Stock Non-Profit Corporation in nature but its main objective is to bring information and education to the Barangay folks including school children.

CAGPIO is composed of designated Public Information Officers of each Local and National Government Agencies. This is a Phil Information Agency (PIA) organized group wherein news and information from each agency is easily accessible thru their Information Officers. The attached picture was when PIA, in coordination with the CAGPIO visited Barangay Talon, Roxas City last August 20, 2010 to bring information on Dengue Outbreak (tackled by the PIOs of the PHO/DOH, PHILHEALTH & SSS);

Public Safety and Order, DISASTER PREPAREDNESS & on What to do when Natural Calamities Strikes were discussed by the PNP, PHIL. COAST GUARD, MARITIME Services OFFICE , PAGASA AND PHIVOLCS;

Essential Services like FOOD were discussed by the NFA, PROVL AGRICULTURIST OFFICE, CITY AND PROVINCIAL the Capiz Electrification Cooperative(CAPELCO) and the Metro Roxas Water District (MRWD) office REPRESENTATIVES.

Other government agencies whose names are so common but yet whose essential functions are so limited to the minds of the Barrio Folks were the NIA (Natl. Irrigation Administration) Parole and Probation Office, even the BIR, DTI, DSWD & DPWH are commonly known to them, yet, they are not so sure as to what services they can benefit from the said agencies.

For one thing, in my many years of doing the “Hinun-anon” (dialogue) I would always try to test to find out the tax-awareness of the place. The first 2 questions I throw were:” How many have heard of the Bureau of Internal Revenue or BIR?” Many hands would raise. Next question: “How many of you know what the BIR does?” Only a few would give faint answers. The third question would usually be met with a deafening silence when asked: “who among you here are paying taxes? “

BIR, being the BLOOD BANK of the government is often perceived as an agency of corruption. Little did every Juan knows how much effort our agency puts up in order to bring in the much-needed funds to finance all the government services. This goes without saying: Nobody cares how many gigantic waves you’ve fought during sail, what matters is “did you bring in the ship?

This is just giving you a brief background as to what ‘CAGPIO’ is doing for the government. It is a private association with governmental functions.


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