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Oplan Kandado: BIR RDO 72 strikes again! Lanot General Merchandise Closed

Roxas City, Capiz (August 11, 2010)–BIR RDO 72 strikes again! Lanot General Merchandise, owned by Mr Richard Dadivas, is the first taxpayer to be ordered closed this year. Following hints of complaints constantly posted by customers against the said establishment for its failure to issue receipts, RDO GIL G. TABANDA asked that a Mission Order be granted to warrant an overt surveillance to find out the truth of the complaints.Under the “OPLAN KANDADO PROJECT”, BIR 72 conducted a 10-day sit-down surveillance on the establishment followed by an Assessment Audit covering the period from April 2008 up to May 2010.

As a result, a deficiency VAT amounting to P2,029,558.25 was found to have been undeclared and unremitted as reported by Revenue Officers assigned to the case, Rodney Regalado and Conrado Ledesma.

Furthermore, preliminary verification of his records disclosed that Mr. Dadivas acquired two Taxpayer Identification Numbers (TIN) for businesses registered both as Head Offices under RDO 28 in JAN 1, 1997 with business name: DADIVAS COCO LUMBER and under RDO 72 in June 26, 2006 with business name Lanot General Merchandise. Said error was only found out when RDO 72 Rolled Out in October of 2007.

RDO 72, supported by its Regional Director Glen A. Geraldino and Legal Division Chief, Atty. Yanson Chin, went to finally execute the closure, upon the order of BIR Commissioner Kim J. Henares, after said taxpayer failed to settle the assessed amount. Lanot Barangay Chairman

Arsenio Barres was invited to witness the said undertaking.


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