Will the next President continue the positive gains of BIR?

With the current leadership of Commissioner Joel Tan-Torres, the Bureau of Internal Revenue’s collection is in good hands.

As of April 2010, the agency has produced a whopping P4.957B excess collection over its goal of P86.205B.

In spite of the world economic crisis, the BIR, guided by its strategic map, conquered all odds against revenue collections and continued to pave the road to economic recovery.

Will this momentum sustain or will this be thrashed to the recycle bin? Will Commissioner Tan-Torres’ efforts be recognized or will the next President start another untested strategy?

Obviously, it is a common practice in the Philippines to change leadership upon assumption of a new President. The BIR is not exempted from this type of change in order to give the incoming President his choice of leaders who has his trust and confidence.

From an ordinary citizen’s view, why change the steering wheel of a car if it’s clearly working? Moreover, why change the driver of that car if he delivers his passengers safely to their destinations?

by Isabelo P. Suelto, Jr. (OIC Head Taxpayers Assistance Unit – BIR Revenue Region 13 Cebu )

June 3, 2010

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