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BIR padlocked JYSMI Supermart of Sogod, Southern Leyte

RR-14 Regional Director, Atty. Alert B. Alocilja and RDO Ma. Teresa Noemi A. Pizon of Rev. District No. 90, Maasin City, being interviewed by ABS-CBN Tacloban news crew and Bombo Radyo News Correspondent, who conducted coverage of the actual closure of JYSMI Supermart at Sogod, Southern Leyte last April 16, 2010.

Upon service of the Closure Order on April 16, 2010, Regional Director Alert B. Alocilja, assisted by RDO Ma. Teresa Noemi A. Pizon, Asst. RDO Carlos G. Tambal of Rev. District 90, Maasin City, together with RR-14 officials and RD 90’s revenue enforcement team, have padlocked JYSMI Supermart of Sogod, Southern Leyte, for failure to register as VAT taxpayer & under declaration of more than 30% of its gross receipts.


3 thoughts on “BIR padlocked JYSMI Supermart of Sogod, Southern Leyte

  1. Dont even believe this.. Feels like WHAT??????? BIR padlock JYSMI.??.. how calm??? I recieved this message when i try to come up for something… then i found this.. WHAT IN THE HELL IS THIS… they did not pay???.

  2. Yes, the establishment was closed due to the usual violation on non compliance. Every establishment is given notice to contest the findings on the BIR based the actual books of accounts of the said establishment and other available data gathered within the premises and its suppliers and customers. They were found to have UNDER DECLARED their gross receipts as well as their failure to register as a VAT TAXPAYER. It is UNFAIR for other establishment who HONESTLY pay their taxes while establishments like this would rather EVADE the TAXES it should give back to GOVERNMENT for the benefit of our COUNTRY where they MAKE THEIR LIVING.

    BIR is just doing its job to be able to level the playing field of businesses who honestly pay their taxes and collect taxes needed by our country’s development.

  3. Im so happy that n0w jysmi gets what they deserved,because realLy jysmi is n0t a go0d taxPAYer,and also i kn0w that jysmi d0nt give the minimum salAry of the empl0yee,what’s w0rst is that the kitchen of that st0re where the empl0yee eats is very dirty,nkakadiri talaga!,i know bec0z i experienced to w0rk with that store,0ne thIng,when i apPlieD last year they make me siGn up a blank paper, . .why? That’s the questi0n i want to know?

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