With the deadline on the filing of income tax returns fast approaching, the BIR has asked all the Authorized Agent Bans (AABs) to extend their banking hours and to assign additional personnel during the April income tax filing season.Commissioner Joel L. Tan-Torres issued the request in bank Bulletin No. 2010-11 to ensure that all taxpayers will be served.

The bulletin also contains policies and procedures that will take effect from April 5 to 15, 2010 as well as March 27, 2010 (in lieu of April 3, 2010 which is Black Saturday).

The BIR Commissioner sad that all BIR AABs have already been advised to extend their banking hours up to 5:00 p.m. for the period April 5 to 15, 210 in response to the need of the taxpaying public during this filing season. He also requested banks to accommodate tax payments from taxpayers who are already within the bank premises by the close of the said extended banking hours for the said period. They will open on two (2) Saturdays (March 27 and April 10) to accept tax payments.

The AABs, according to Commissioner Tan-Torres will accept two or more checks in payment for a single tax liability.

On stamping of the ITRs and attachments, Tan-Torres said that all AABs will receive the ITRS by stamping on the space provided for in three (3) copies of the returns. The attached Audited Financial Statement must be stamped “received” only on the page of the Audit Certificate, the Balance Sheet and the Income Statement. The other pages of the AFS and its attachments need not anymore be stamped “received” pursuant to Revenue Memorandum Order (RMO) No. 6-2010.

The Commissioner stressed that said AABs will ensure that the returns/payment forms and/or deposit slips are machine- validated and the details of payment are clearly imprinted in all the copies.

He also added that all AABs should accept photocopies, electronic/computer-generated BIR Forms/Returns in lieu of the officially printed forms as long as they are originally filled up and signed by the taxpayer or duly authorized representative.

Further, certain out-of-district income tax returns (BIR Forms 1700, 1701, 1701Q and 1702) are to be accepted without imposing penalties on taxpayers for wrong filing venue.

“We are confident that with our concerted efforts in raising revenues and with the cooperation of all taxpayers to pay taxes, the Bureau will be able to reach its revenue target goal for this year,“Tan-Torres said.


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