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Location of BIR National Office

Locational Map of the BIR National Office

This is the location of the BIR National Office.  It is near the NAPOCOR compound, PAG-ASA, NTC and Central Bank main offices.

The BIR National office is the central office of the Bureau of Internal Revenue.  Please be informed that applications for update of TIN Registration, or TIN application is not done here but it is with the Revenue District offices of the BIR.

If you have already acquired a TIN, this is registered only to a particular district office.  If you do not know where your TIN is currently registered you can call the TIN verification office of the BIR 981-7000 local 7030 or the BIR Contact Center 981-8888.

If you plan to open a business. There is a Revenue District office of the BIR which handles the location where you plan to put up your business. This is how you can register click here.

TO AVOID BEING INCONVENIENCED… Please note that the BIR National office does not facilitate any application requested by a taxpayer who is registered in a particular Revenue District Office.  Taxpayers should visit their Revenue District Office where their TIN is currently registered.  That Revenue District Office has the jurisdiction to facilitate any application that  would be requested because they have current  jurisdiction over your TIN registration.

So please do take time to call our TIN Verification office or our BIR Contact Center to know where your TIN is currently registered.

If you have lost your TIN card and want to get a replacement click this or here.


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