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Replacement of Lost TIN Card

Visit the BIR District office where you acquired your TIN Card.

If you don’t know which BIR District Office you got your TIN Card. You can call the TIN Verification Office of BIR 981-7000 local 7030. Just ask them that you want to know where your TIN is currently registered or which BIR District Office your TIN is registered.  You will be required to give your full name and birthdate.   

For the the Address of a particular BIR District Office you look it up here .

That is the BIR directory of the district offices of BIR.  Or you can call the BIR Contact Center at 981-8888.

Get the address of the BIR District Office where your TIN is registered. The BIR Form 1905 is what you will be using

Click this link so you can see the actual form BIR Form 1905.  In part II of this form “REASON FOR REGISTRATION INFORMATION UPDATE” check the letter “K” box and just below it write down what you need which is a  “TIN CARD”.

The needed attachment for this application is an Affidavit of Loss duly notarized of course. For replacement just present your old TIN Card.

Don’t forget to sign the backside of this form.  After you submitted your application ask the BIR personnel when you can get your TIN Card.  That’s it.

For new applicants for TIN card there is nothing to pay. But i came to know recently that they are charging for replacement. due to loss, around 100 pesos.

(How to apply for an SSS ID)


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