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Good Day!


Welcome to this blogsite.  Will be posting information on things you need to know about the BIR  TIN.  How you can apply for one, where you should go to get one, the things needed before you go to a BIR office to apply for one.

For individuals who wish to register their business, we will be posting the things you need to register, how and where to apply for a Certificate Of Registration (C.O.R. or  BIR Form No. 2302). Things you should take into account and the importance of compliance.

Things you should know about Zonal Valuation and where you can get updated information on the Zonal Valuation of particular area. And what the BIR’s position on the application of this valuation with regards to Donor’s Tax (DT), Estate Tax (ET) and Capital Gains Tax (CGT)

The convenience of the Electronic Filing and Payment System (eFPS) of the BIR.  An option that a business should have for worry free filing and payment. And how you can enroll to avail of this facility.

There are a lot more topics to be discussed and we will be posting them one blog at a time.


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